Be a National Judge
Be a National Judge

Be a National Judge
There are places available on the Edinburgh 2019 judging team for the topics, speech and evaluation contests. You need to have judged at District level to be eligible. Get in touch with Tom Scott, National Education Director if you would like to be a judge.

Be a Conference Volunteer
As well as being a festival of speaking and learning the Edinburgh 2019 conference wants to involve the most members ever and we have plenty of roles available:

  • Tombola volunteers
  • Competition ushers
  • AGM attendants
  • Welcome volunteers
  • Contestant experience volunteers
  • “Speakers Marketplace” champions!
  • “Find Your Voice” ushers

Contact William Taylor, Chief Steward to signal your interest.

Boatload of poetry resources!

Run a stall in the Speakers Marketplace
If you have an idea, a game, a discussion or anything you think other ASC members should know about or interact with then the “Speakers Marketplace” at Edinburgh 2019 is the place for it! Contact the Speaking Director to book a stall for a few hours over conference weekend and share information on team speaking competitions, start a discussion about use of narrative, explore an idea for change in the ASC… absolutely anything!

Participate in the Open Mic Night
Take the stage and show off your hidden talents… sing, dance, deliver a poem, tell jokes or perhaps even try your hand at a short speech!

Engage with the Seminars
On Saturday we have two international, award winning, professional speakers delivering seminars to shift thinking and change perceptions. Then on Sunday Gwyneth Millard will host a celebration event to round off the lottery funded “Find Your Voice” project.